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Reading progress update: I've read 100%.

Brazen Virtue (SS/BV #2) - Nora Roberts

Wish I could have posted updates because this book was so absurd I had no words. This is a sequel to Sacred Sins and was not as great.


The two leads were meh, the serial killer being able to tap into a private line made no sense at all. What equipment did he have that could do that in the1980s.


Hero declares his love for heroine after they have sex once and proposes too. I fell over laughing.


I like it taking place on DC though. That's all I got. 


This is for the headless woman bingo square. My Kindle book cover is pretty hilarious.


Reading progress update: I've read 100%.

Sacred Sins - Nora Roberts

Reading progress update: I've read 64%.

Sacred Sins - Nora Roberts

Reading progress update: I've read 27%.

Sacred Sins - Nora Roberts

Reading this for the love is murder square. 


Liking the two leads. Tess is a psychiatrist helping the police track down a serial killer in Washington DC. Ben is the homicide detective not liking psychiatrists or criminal psychology since he thinks all they do is try to help get bad guys off. 


Flow is good so far. Old school Nora Roberts that works. 


Tess is in a car with Ben and his partner and they are in pursuit of a criminal and even after he says stay in the car she pops out. I don't get it when women do this in romance books. 

Holly or TSTL

Holly - Jude Deveraux

So I live blogged this book yesterday on Booklikes. I am so glad that those who followed me got to read along to what a completely messed up romance book this was. I read this for Romance Book Bingo 2017, the Too Stupid to Live (TSTL) square. I can honestly say this may be a romance first for me to also find that not only is the heroine TSTL, but the hero is as well. These two hot messes (Holly Latham and Nick Taggert) definitely deserve each other. One hopes that they managed to keep their clothes on for more than 10 minutes though. Here we go.


Image result for drink gif


So Holly (which is somehow a freaking Christmas book) is about Holly Latham and her plans to finally capture the heart of the boy next door, or at least the boy next door to her when her family vacationed in North Carolina when she was 13. Holly falls instantly in love (bingo square) with Lorrie. Lorrie is tall, blond, and everything that she could hope to have in a boyfriend and later husband. Don’t worry readers, you don’t really get what is so great about Lorrie. He pretty much gives Holly the privilege of doing work around his family’s falling down plantation. He also ignores her letters that she writes to him until she mentions a paper she did on colonial architecture. Well with the little response she gets back from the guy, Holly decides, she is going to study in order to learn how to restore homes like Lorrie’s so she can show him what a good wife she will make some day.


Image result for please gifs


So the entire freaking plot of Holly, is Holly who is now a heiress in her 20s is going to do whatever she can to show Lorrie how great she would be to him in restoring his home. Holly finds out Lorrie is now divorced and living back in his old plantation in his hometown. She decides the smartest thing to do is cause her father and stepmother to move their in order for her to use her feminine wiles on Lorrie. That’s cause Holly knows she’s attractive and is used to men hitting on her, so when Lorrie sees her he is so going to just fall at her feet. I don’t even know what to say about this. As one person asked yesterday, has she even talked to these guy at all over the years? The answer is no. Besides the short response he gave her back when she was a teenager, there was nothing at all. I would hope that if I didn’t hear from a guy for at least 10 years I would move the heck on.


That’s enough about Holly and her dumb ass intentions. Let’s move on to the hero, Tarzan Nick (TM Rane Aria).


Tarzan Nick needs to get away from his practice after he dumps his fiancee for being a terrible person. Seriously, this was like three sentences in the book. Apparently Nick didn’t realize she had no soul and was only interested in his money. Tarzan Nick runs off to recoup due to the town turning against him for breaking his engagement to woman with no soul (who would even freaking care????) and stays in the barn of some random dude’s brother that just happens to be nearby where Holly will be staying. I refuse to go back and look up names, not happening. So Nick at this time is just done with women and isn’t looking for love. Or is he?


Fast forward to Holly finally arriving in town while she flits around feeling sorry for those people who are poorer than she is. I am not kidding. If you want to read about a make believe character telling another character about being a social better of everyone and that only poor loose women run around having sex with men who are not our kind dear, Holly is the book for you.


Image result for i hate you gif


Well Holly thinks that, but ends up seeing a guy she nicknames Heaven (it’s Tarzan Nick) on a motorcycle looking hot and sexy like Superman.


Image result for henry cavill shirtless gifs


Was I doing something? Wait a second.


Image result for henry cavill shirtless gifs



Image result for henry cavill shirtless gifs


Oh yeah, Holly. Whatever. So she sees him and feels insta-lust (not a bingo square, should have been) and gets talked to about dirty filthy men like that by the owner’s wife. I have never read a book when other people were so up in your supposed sex life. Mind your business.


So the random thing about Holly which should be a superpower is that she can tell the age of a house by like 50 paces. I kid you not. She disdains homes built after 1980 and when she hears about a pre-revolutionary home sitting around North Carolina she goes off by herself to investigate. And promptly falls down a pit after coming across a rattlesnake.


You cannot make this mess up.


And Holly, because God knows she’s TSTL decides the smartest thing to do is to take off all of her clothes and tie them into a rope in order to try to climb out of some random 12 foot pit. Of course her clothes rip as she tries to climb out of the pit, so she falls down, and loses her clothes rope at the same time since it gets stuck on some nail or something or the other. So we now have Holly naked and shivering in boots in some pit and crawling under the debris there to stay warm.


Image result for shaking head gif


Along comes Tarzan Nick to save the day. Tarzan Nick tells Holly to climb up a vine he just finds and throws down his shirt and pants to her so she doesn’t get scratched as he pulls her out of the pit.


And then afterwards, he puts back on his pants, she gives his shirt, and he has to give her a piggyback ride back to his car cause he knocked her boots down the pit after she threw them up to him.


And since Holly thought she was going to die, she and Tarzan Nick (doesn’t know or ask his freaking name) proceed to go and have sex in his car. With no protection. As one does when a dude pulls you out a pit. I guess.


There is some back and forth about Holly’s parents looking for her, police, etc. it doesn’t matter though since they go off to Tarzan Nick’s place and have sex again with no protection both saying how they are not looking for love. Still have not exchanged names.


I am going to not do a full recap of this book, but this is just to give you a taste of what this book is and how it tried to break me yesterday.


Other characters are sadly one dimensional and did I mention awful? Lorrie’s reveal was hilarious to me. I mean I laughed. Holly’s stepsister Taylor was a jerk and Holly saying to herself how she’s her best friend once again gives Holly a TSTL title that she can proudly carry. Holly’s father was a snob, but since he’s an ambassador that is apparently what one does at that level? I don’t know.  This book makes no sense.


The plot about Holly catching Lorries has some flaws since she can’t stop having sex with Tarzan Nick. Also Tarzan Nick even though he tells Holly he’s not interested in her at all, gives her a family heirloom that is worth like a couple of million, applies as a gardener at her father’s home in order to be near her, and also helps her in her research into some hidden treasure that Lorrie’s family hid before the Civil War I think.


The writing is not great. I think this book came out in 2003 or 2004. Either way, this whole notion about society’s betters is ridiculous as hell. Also apparently women only are with certain men cause of the hot sex, but those men just sit around and drink and sponge off of them. This is doubly sad because Nick is richer than Holly and also a doctor, but she doesn’t know it (also a bingo square). I hated both of them for this nonsense.


The flow was awful and then Deveraux reveals a ton of things regarding some key people so I guess you can go well now Holly can love Nick forever and ever. The book also does two time jumps which made me go huh. One was a time jump to a month later or maybe it was two months (nope not looking to see) and then it jumps another six months to Christmas. This is why it was marketed as a Christmas romance novel. Do not read this book for the Christmas parts. It was at the very end an only maybe 5 percent of the total book. I know in romanceland that Christmas and romance books are a great set-up, do not do this to yourself and read this book.


The setting of North Carolina is not used well at all. Apparently old falling down plantations and buried treasure abounds though. There is no real sense of the place at all in this book except it’s always randomly cold when Holly falls down a pit or hole.

The ending was laughably bad. I won’t even get into it here, but it involves a hole, having sex on top of found treasure, and Christmas Day.


Reading progress update: I've read 95%.

Holly - Jude Deveraux

“No,” Nick said, looking at her with hot eyes.


“Next Christmas we’ll have a couple of kids.”


“A couple!” she said, laughing. “What an ego you have.”


“Did I tell you that twins run in my family?”


“There’s a whole lot you didn’t tell me about your family,” she said, then smiled at him.


“Do twins take more work to make than singletons?”


“I don’t know.” Nick seemed to think about the matter. “But if they do, we’d better get started.”


He moved toward her.


“I want a big tree,” she said under his lips. “And we’ll decorate it with fruit like they did when Belle Chere was built. And we’ll—” She didn’t say any more.


Whelp. Done with this at 95%. Also don't twins get determined by females? Do dudes come into play? I don't care. Don't answer that. Holly had not called her parents and told them anything or even dealt with her garbage sister. 



Reading progress update: I've read 94%.

Holly - Jude Deveraux

“Forgive me?” he asked.


Opening her eyes, she nodded.


A few hours ago she’d been at death’s door. Holding onto her anger at a man she loved seemed frivolous.


“Merry Christmas, darling,” he said. “Merry Christmas,” she replied, then kissed him in return.


They made love on top of the silver, the gold, and the jewels, with the snow falling down on them, not feeling the cold, feeling only their love for each other.


Still in the hole people. Still in the hole. I guess Lorrie's dead body is just there??? I don't know. 

Reading progress update: I've read 94%.

Holly - Jude Deveraux

I am so done for the rest of the day.


Somehow Holly and Nick have fallen down a hole or excuse me Holly has fallen down a hole and Nick has jumped in after her after Lorrie who somehow has escaped from prison while he was awaiting trial for murder has found them and has a gun to their heads.


And we find out that Lorrie has overheard Nick and Holly talking about the secret treasure that Lorrie's family has hid.


And Holly said she can tell what year or origin anything is spies a Middle Eastern knife in the treasure. Don't tell me what people from the South in the 1800s would have a Middle Eastern origin knife. After Lorrie reveals all, Nick has distracted him long enough to pick up a knife and throw it and kill Lorrie.

Reading progress update: I've read 91%.

Holly - Jude Deveraux

Secrets are now out. Oh Holly's fallen down another hole. 

Reading progress update: I've read 82%.

Holly - Jude Deveraux

This really may hit every bingo.


It's six months later and now Christmas and she's wearing a cloak like Little Red Riding Hood.


"With resolve, she went downstairs, put the beautiful hooded red cloak her father had given her, went out the front door and retrieved her sandwich and her suitcase from the trunk of the rental car."

Reading progress update: I've read 78%.

Holly - Jude Deveraux

My dearest Nick,


I’m sorry to end everything this way, but we are leaving.


I have never seen my father so upset, and my stepmother is in a very bad way. She is being kept sedated. I don’t know where we’re going, but I know we all need to be together now. Now we need to be a family and we need to try to heal.


Perhaps someday you and I—No! I can think of nothing but what’s left of my family now.


I suck because I've been laughing for five minutes. Lorrie murdered Taylor and her fiance Charles offscreen. He did this because he had plans to marry Holly and he would kill her free the marriage and split the money with Taylor. After Lorrie sees Nick and Holly napping after making sweet sweet love in the attic, he gets a gun to go and demand money from Taylor.


You can't make this up.

Reading progress update: I've read 74%.

Holly - Jude Deveraux

Nick kissed her through her tears, and one thing led to another, and soon they were gently making love on the dusty attic floor.


“I love you,” Nick whispered into her ear. “I love you to the height and breadth of an oak tree.”


She held on to him, clung to him, but Holly still didn’t stop crying. Somewhere deep inside her, she kept hearing, Last time. Last time. This was the last time they’d make love. With the words “marriage” and “love” having been spoken, things had changed between them. Irrevocably changed. They’d never be able to go back to where they had been.


They fell asleep in each other’s arms, holding each other tenderly. The fans whirled, sending cool breezes over their bare skin, and they slept as bonelessly as toddlers.


Shaking my head. This book has these two nitwits, a gay man whose trying to marry Holly for her money, Holly's stepsister trying to cause some issues, her terrible elitist father, Nick's clairvoyant cousin whose husband is missing, oh and Nick is secretly a doctor and also a millionaire. 

Reading progress update: I've read 70%.

Holly - Jude Deveraux

“TAYLOR,” LORRIE SAID INTO HIS CELL PHONE, “I know everyone wants me to make mad, passionate love to Holly and to marry her, but she has to be the most boring person I have ever met.” He paused.


“Yes, she is very pretty. Beautiful even, and that body of hers is perfect, but she looks at me with great cow eyes and her lashes fan the breeze. I thought I might be sick.”


Pausing, he listened to Taylor’s ranting, to her threats, to her warnings. Lorrie yawned.


“By the way, exactly who is this gardener? The one with the motorcycle? I swear, when he rode up, I wanted to leave with him. No, of course I didn’t let Holly know that. Tell me, dear, is Holly a virgin? She certainly acts like one. And dresses like one.”


Um surprise. Lorrie is gay. Also doing something nefarious with Holly's stepsister Taylor.

Reading progress update: I've read 64%.

Holly - Jude Deveraux

“What should I do? Marry you instead? Maybe we could live here, in this house. Maybe my father would give this house to us as a wedding present.”


“At least it would be better than selling your soul for a house!”


“You make me sick,” she said, standing up. He stood up.


“You don’t exactly make me feel great. What twenty-first-century woman connives as you have to get a man to the altar? You’re throwing yourself at me, parading around in your tiny underwear, but you’re trying to buy him.”


“That’s disgusting! I’m doing no such thing. I was on my way here to see Lorrie when I met you.”


“Yeah and what did you do? Attacked me in the backseat of the car, that’s what.”


Hey hey hey. You both suck. 




Why you—” Holly drew back her hand to strike him, but Nick caught her wrist.


For a moment they stood there, breathing hard in anger, then the next moment their mouths were together and they fell onto the couch.


Shirts, buttons, shorts, trousers, all came off in seconds.


To Holly it seemed as though it had been years since she’d felt Nick’s hands on her body.


Today, in that stifling attic, with sweat dripping off her, she’d wanted him, wanted to feel his damp, hot body against hers, but, as he’d promised, he’d stayed away from her. Now the desire of the morning, and the wait of the evening, fueled her passion until her fingertips were digging into his skin and pulling him closer and closer.


I hope an asteroid hits them.

Reading progress update: I've read 56%.

Holly - Jude Deveraux

“Okay. There’s a woman near you and there’s a big hole full of gold.”

“It does exist then?” he asked. “I wasn’t sure. There’s a man here who says a treasure was buried by his relative over a hundred years ago, but he’s not somebody I like.

He—” “It’s possible that he’s going to marry the woman you love.”

“I do not love her!” Nick said indignantly."


His cousin is clairvoyant??? This book is crazy pants. 

Reading progress update: I've read 54%.

Holly - Jude Deveraux

You guys owe me so much virtual wine it isn't funny.


So now Lorrie and Holly are going to go and search for his family's long lost treasure (this book) and Holly is around Lorrie's old house while he is out of town. She starts going through his attic, it's hot, so she strips naked. Yes, can when I get hot and go through old things I take my freaking clothes off. 



Did you guess that Nick appears and they have sex again? Did you? Did you?